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Blindness separates us
from things but deafness
separates us from people.

- Helen Keller

Cochlear Implants

A Gateway to the World of Sound

Cochlear implants offer a revolutionary solution for individuals with profound deafness or severe hearing loss by bypassing damaged parts of the ear to directly stimulate the auditory nerve, enabling them to perceive sound.



...this advanced technology involves
a surgical procedure and



After getting a cochlear implant surgery, patients will be able to hear sounds again,
but they'll be different from what they were used to before the surgery.
It might be tough to recognize voices right away.

It's important to go through an aural rehabilitation process, which typically takes about 1 to 2 years, to fully adjust and make the most of a new way of hearing.

1. Mapping
Tune the device to fit
the patient's ear 

2. Language therapy
Training to enable the hearing
of speech sounds

3. Language & Hearing Test
Continuous checkup &

CI User's Major Pain Points:

1. Long & uncomfortable rehabilitation process

2. High cost of rehabilitation

3. Inability to fully hear & enjoy music

4. Difficulty in conversation in noisy environments


Repetitive cycle
over 1~2 years


The speech sounds used in conventional rehabilitation are composed of complex sound components,
making them
unsuitable for rehabilitation
of cochlear implant patients.


we propose
a new way of
aural rehabilitation

At BELL Therapeutics, we propose a new aural rehabilitation program based on a technology that effectively stimulates the cochlear implant system and the brain's auditory cortex with minimal sound components, thereby increasing the effectiveness of aural rehabilitation while reducing the overall costs and rehabilitation period. While traditional rehabilitation is designed based on psychology and phonetics, our new aural rehabilitation differentiates itself with technology that integrates neuroscience and physical acoustics.

Our Goal.. to significantly reduce the language rehabilitation period
for cochlear implant patients, which usually takes 1 to 2 years,
to under a year.

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