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Discover Restful Nights
with BELL-001

DTx for Insomnia Patients:
Clinically Proven to Help You Sleep Better

Clinically Designed
for Immediate Insomnia Relief  

As a SaMD (Software as a Medical Device), BELL-001 targets and activates the autonomic nervous system to immediately alleviate hyperarousal and induce sleep.

Real-time Biometric Signal Collection

Using a smartphone interface, BELL-001 collects real-time biometric signals to extract digital biomarkers.

Targeted Neuromodulation

BELL-001 produces customized acoustic stimuli, inducing non-invasive neuromodulation for fast and deep sleep. 

Bio-sonification Technology

With real-time sonification technology, BELL-001 targets specific biomarkers to provide optimized treatments for patients.

Clinically Proven to
Induce Sleep Onset

BELL-001 is proven to reduce sleep onset latency with significant improvements in sleep efficiency and WASO (Wake After Sleep Onset).

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